Pisa and Florence Highlights

This is one of our best selling tours, something you don't want to miss if it's your first Italian visit!

After picking you up, we will head towards your first destination, Pisa ( about 25 minute drive ), the ancient town where the Portus Pisanus (the port of Pisa) made this unique city belong to the 4 Italian Maritime Republics. As you approach the city the driver will be providing you with lots of historical facts... you will be stopping at "Miracle's Square", the famous location where you will see the Leaning Tower (which today still works as a bell tower!!), the Cathedral (Duomo), the Baptistry, the Monumental Cemetery and more! – it will all be different from the way you had pictured this place in your mind!!

After visitng one of the local pastry shops for a quick snack and a great Italian espresso, you will carry on to Florence

The drive to Florence will be very nice and enjoyable – plains, mountains, rolling hills, and you will see what the Tuscan countryisde looks like!! Once arrived in Florence, you will be taken to the main spots, from Michelangelo Square (city skyline) to Santa Croce Square (leather district), Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral (the Duomo), Republic Square, Signoria Square, Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, Pitti Palace and more. Upon request we offer the possibility to visit the Accademia Gallery (Michelangelo’s David sculpture) and Uffizi Museum (tickets are not included in the rate and will have to be paid on spot at itme of entry) 

You will be returning back to your ship or hotel on time.

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