Erice and Segesta


Although modern roads made Sicily become accessible in most of its parts, today you will see Italy from a different point of view, an area of Sicily which is traditionally poor, where the economy depends on fishing, small scale farming and now, on tourism.

This area has been influenced by the Arab and Phoenician cultures rather than the Greek and Norman of elsewhere Sicily and it’s always been (unfortunately) famous for the Mafia's activities.

We will show you the memorial site of the heroic judge Giovanni Falcone, who fought against the Mafia and was killed together with his wife and bodyguards in 1992.

Later on , you will be driven towards Sagesta and on the way you will see an area with vast beaches and small villages called Golfo di Castellammare.

The coastline between the tuna fishing village of Scopello and San Vito Lo Capo embraces a large natural reserve called Zingaro, surrounded by amazing landscapes, small bays with sudden beaches, slopes, patches of mediterranean vegetation, a paradise for botanists, entomologists and tourists seeking relaxation.

Once you arrive in Segesta, whose ancient Greek temple can make a valid claim for being the most well preserved in the world, and its amphitheater boasts a hilltop position on Mount Barbaro, second to none.

You will then proceed to Marsala, famous around the World for the sea salt production and the unique dessert wine which carries the town's name, invented by a noble Englishman in 1770. Here you will have a chance to visit the oldest wine makers of the area, the Pellegrino’s Cellars and of course the chance to taste it!

Afterwards you will  have time to stroll around the ancient village visiting the area where Garibaldi, the hero of Italian liberation and unification, arrived on his ship.

Also consider that Marsala is the closest point of Italy to North Africa, just 85 miles away!

Proceeding to Erice you will admire a small medieval village located on the summit of the Mount, was once dominated by the Elimi that gave the village its ancient name Erix and who founded the temple dedicated to Venus, goddess of love and fertility.

The village, surrounded by cyclopean walls, is characterized by stone paths adorned with trees, plants and flowers that give the center a magical and enchanted atmosphere. You will be mesmerized by the breathtaking view: from Erice, Trapani can be seen with its characteristic sickle shape and Monte Cofano, with Custonaci at its feet.

Afterward you will head back to the port. 

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